Exceptional Work Requires Quality Material

There should be a description here about why you use cedar material, how you source it or something. Just some opening text since you jump from using cedar to roofing material.

Naturally Resistant

Cedar contains oils that act as preservatives to deter insect attack and decay. This same oil gives cedar its distinctive smell we all recognize.

Built to Last

Cedar is ranked as one of the most dimensionally stable wood species, allowing it to stand up to wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity without warping, checking, or shrinking away from fasteners. Cedar is an abundant, renewable resource that is grown, managed, and harvested on a sustained-yield basis in accordance with the strictest forestry regulations in the world.

Roofing Material

We exact match the brand, style, and color to your home’s existing shingles.


Something about how we can match any pre-existing stain or customize a color to your exact liking.

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